Top Ten Non-Alcoholic Beers

Kyle Ford
2 min readJul 30, 2023

I stopped drinking a long time ago, and while I’ve since gone super deep into the wide world of seltzers as a replacement (perhaps a topic for another post), one thing I’d definitely missed during my sobriety was the taste of a good beer.

Thankfully we’re living in an age of miracles, and against all odds, non-alcoholic beer is good now. I first got tipped off about Athletic a while back via Shellen, and as a dude that grew up with O’Douls being a punchline, I was (and still am) flabbergasted by this new magic new non-alcoholic beer technology.

In the months since, I’ve tried out all sorts of brands and styles, and I thought I’d share my top ten picks (favorites at the top) for any of you that are sober-curious. Note: Obviously everyone is different in terms of temptations, so if the flavor of non-alcoholic beer is going to drive you back to the real stuff, maybe stick with seltzer.

I’m sure I’ll have many other recommendations to add in the future as this space heats up even more. Enjoy!

Samuel Adams Just the Haze IPA

Athletic Brewing Co. Upside Dawn Golden

Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Amber

Athletic Brewing Co. Blackberry Berliner Weisse

Athletic Brewing Co. Free Wave Hazy IPA

Guinness 0

Athletic Brewing Co. All Out Extra Dark

Heineken 0.0

Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild IPA

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic

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