I Get Around

Kyle Ford
2 min readNov 23, 2022

Every so often I post about my current social media/online presence setup. It’s been a while, and uh…💀 SOME THINGS HAVE HAPPENED 💀…so here’s where I sit as of Thanksgiving 2022, should you (for some inexplicable reason) want to 👀:

Primary Focus

  • My Newsletter: I still really enjoy putting this together, and I love having a direct relationship with my subscribers.
  • Mastodon: It’s been awesome to see the momentum behind this resulting from Elon’s folly, and with so many cool people already in the mix, it’s already feeling like early Twitter.
  • TikTok: Sure it has its own eyebrow-raising issues, but it remains incredibly entertaining and absolutely bursting with creativity.
  • BeReal: I’ll be shocked if this is around for the long haul, but it’s actually very enjoyable!

Secondary Focus

  • Twitter: Like watching a former best friend embrace QAnon, it’s truly heartbreaking to watch one of my all-time favorites rapidly transform into a cesspool. For now at least, it still remains a cultural hub, so I’ll be lurking but mostly (if not entirely) posting elsewhere.
  • Tumblr: I’m not incredibly active on it, but I remain a fan (and a fan of Automattic generally).
  • Medium: I’m primarily just a consumer here, but I do cross-post certain House of Kyle pieces from time to time.

Kicked To The Curb

  • Instagram: I finally hit my emotional limit on endless filtered selfies, workout updates, MLM pitches and re-posted TikToks.
  • Facebook: The social media equivalent of the boner pill commercials between Tucker Carlson segments.

Originally published at http://houseofkyle.com on November 23, 2022.