Growing Up Browncoat

Kyle Ford
1 min readFeb 19, 2024


22 (!) years ago I was lucky enough to be put in charge of the website for Fox’s upcoming sci-fi show Firefly from creator Joss Whedon (who was then on a hot streak after Buffy and Angel).

While it sadly met the same fate as many other beloved Fox shows of that era, we were able to do some pretty interesting stuff on the web side of the house, including one of the first official show blogs, which was an early attempt at bringing online fans right into the production process through on-set interviews and frequent diary-style “breaking news” updates.

For any browncoats out there, I hope you enjoy some of these “pulled and converted from the Internet Archive” (forgive the ancient quality) gems from my time on the set back in the day:

📼 Watch Here

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